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Treadmills are a great way to exercise in the comfort of your own home. When weather conditions or cold temperatures make walking, jogging or running outside unpleasant, having one of these machines can help you keep up with your daily exercise routine.
The latest models feature multiple workouts and are able to adjust to several different inclines depending on the setting.
Many models offer additional features such as power sockets to plug in your phone, tablet or music player and have built in heart rate, calories burned, speed and distance monitors to measure your workout.

All About Electric Treadmills and Their Benefits in Your Weight Loss Program

You are beginning a weight loss program and have decided to purchase an electric treadmill for your home. While the electric treadmill has been one of your favorite machines to exercise on, you still have questions about how they really work. There are definitely treadmill benefits that you can learn about by reading this article. You can also learn about key things to look for before purchasing your electric treadmill.

What is an Electric Treadmill?

An electric treadmill is a motorized piece of exercise equipment that allows you to walk or run to certain pace settings while allowing you to lose weight. They are often found in gyms and come computerized with basic to advanced settings that allow you to virtually climb hills, simulate steps,view your calories burned, view your heart rate, etc. They can usually be pre-programmed for a beginner to a more advanced level workout.


One of the biggest things to consider before purchasing an electric treadmill for your home, will be the cost of the equipment. If you are a beginner who is only doing a basic weight loss program, then your electric treadmill should not be as expensive as someone who is an exercise expert. Once you determine your budget, check out at least 5 different machines within your budget, that will help you to achieve your weight loss goals.


Another thing that you will want to look at are electric treadmill reviews. While there are certainly some brands that are well known in the fitness industry, you will want to look at how consumers rate and review the electric treadmill that you are contemplating on purchasing. Look to see if there is a pattern of concerns or issues among the reviews, like is it durable or how much weight can the electric treadmill successfully hold? Reviews are always a great starting source and will help you successfully go through the myriad of electric treadmills on the market today.


If you are a heavier or obese person beginning a weight loss program, then you will need to make sure that the electric treadmill you choose is able to hold your weight in pounds. The machine must be able to withstand daily walking and/or running, along with the pressure that a heavier weight impact will put on the equipment.


There are some electric treadmills that are built for portability. They have wheels which allow you to pack it up if you are living in a small space and need that space for guests who may come by later. This also allows you to pack your electric treadmill into a closet or up against a wall and offers the convenience of not having the piece of equipment cluttering up your floor space in your home.

How to Properly Use the Electric Treadmill

Always follow the instructions that come inside the box of your electric treadmill. They are there for a reason. After getting your piece of exercise equipment home, you should make sure and read the instructions. They may introduce you to features that your new electric treadmill has, that you did not know about. The instructions will also teach you about setting up your electric treadmill and how to use it properly. Any piece of exercise equipment should be used properly due to safety and injury concerns that you do not want or need to occur.

Get an Expert’s Advice

Make sure and get an expert’s advice first before purchasing an electric treadmill and before beginning your weight loss program. They are experts for a reason and may be able to answer many of your questions about the best electric treadmills on the market today. If you have a family member,friend or neighbor that loves the exercising process, then start with them. You may also want to call or go to a specialized sporting goods store and speak with a sales representative. He or she is there to help you purchase an electric treadmill that will fit your needs at home.

Comes With A Safety Lock!

One of the most important things that you can do when purchasing an electric treadmill for your home, particularly with small children around, is to make sure that it comes with a safety lock. There are many electric treadmills on the market today, where you can safely lock the equipment so that it will not be used by smaller children who are curious to see what this big piece of equipment does. The safety lock will stabilize the machine and not allow any moving parts which could endanger your small children.

As with any exercise equipment purchase, make sure and do your homework. Key in on things that you want your electric treadmill to do personally for you. What are some of the most important things that you are looking for? Think about things like cost, safety locks, simulated hills or steps, viewing your heart rate or other features that you want your electric treadmill to have. When you begin to zone in on what your individual body will need for weight loss success, then buying your electric treadmill will become easier.

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