Exacme 6400-1603BK Combo 500W Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill

Exacme 6400-1603BK Combo 500W Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill

  • With a LCD display; adjustable speed; Red emergency Stop switch safety guaranteed
  • Folding electric motorized treadmill
  • Simple Assembly Required

Exacme 6400-1603BK Combo 500W Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill


Our Treadmill features a LCD screen to keep track of time, speed, distance and calories, a safety key to protect you from injury, low noise motor, small space occupation and folding design for easy storage. Features: simple Assembly required. Reliable quality, low power consumption. Modern design, small size and collapsible design to save more space. Ergonomically designed foam handrails for safety, comfort and balance. Adjustable speed--meeting your different needs, speed range is 1.0 to 10.0 KM/h. Red emergency stop switch safety guaranteed to clip the safety key on your clothing. 500W low noise motor, available even when watching TV or phone without disturbing others. Two wheels for easy storing and Rolling away. Suitable for users up to 220 lbs. Includes silicone oil for the maintenance of the running belt. Functions: stronger muscles and increased joint mobility. Improve physical condition and better balance coordination. Increased blood flow and lower blood cholesterol levels. More calories burning and faster weight loss. Less risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure. Promote digestion and increase the gastrointestinal peristalsis. Lead a healthier and happier life. Note: please read the Instruction carefully before use it. Please put the machine on flat ground and make sure the running belt is fastened before using. The proper power for the machine is a.C 110V. Children elder and pregnant women are prohibited to use the machine. Patients need doctor's consultant before using. It is suggested to wear running shoes which have extra cushioning when using the Treadmill. Item specifications:type:6400-1603bk; material: steel frame/PVC running: belt/foam handrail; LCD displayer display: speed/calorie/distance/time; power:500W; voltage:110V; frequency:60Hz; speed range:1.0-10.0 KM/h; running belt size:14''x 39.4''; weight capacity:220 lbs; overall size:52.6'' x 25.2'' x 44.3''(1603Bk).

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Buying Tips

You might be beginning a weight loss application and have decided to buy an electric treadmill for your home. While the electric treadmill has been considered one of your favorite machines to train on, you still have questions about how they actually paintings. There are positively treadmill advantages that you can find out about by means of reading this article. You’ll be able to also learn about key things to look for ahead of purchasing your electric treadmill.

What is an Electrical Treadmill?

An electrical treadmill is a motorized piece of exercise equipment that allows you to walk or run to positive pace settings while permitting you to drop some pounds. They’re frequently present in gyms and are available computerized with fundamental to complicated settings that assist you to just about climb hills, simulate steps,view your calories burned, view your heart charge, and so forth. They can on a regular basis be pre-programmed for a beginner to a more complex degree exercise.


One of many greatest things to believe prior to buying an electrical treadmill for your home, might be the cost of the equipment. If you are a newbie who is simplest doing a elementary weight loss application, then your electric treadmill will have to not be as dear as somebody who is an train skilled. When you determine your budget, take a look at at least 5 completely different machines inside your budget, so that it will lend a hand you to achieve your weight loss objectives.


Another factor that you are going to need to take a look at are electric treadmill critiques. At the same time as there are indisputably a few brands which might be well known in the fitness industry, it would be best to look at how consumers rate and evaluation the electrical treadmill that you are contemplating on purchasing. Glance to look if there is a trend of issues or problems among the critiques, like is it sturdy or how so much weight can the electrical treadmill effectively hold? Evaluations are at all times a really perfect beginning supply and can help you effectively move through the myriad of electrical treadmills on the market these days.


If you are a heavier or overweight particular person starting a weight loss program, then it is important to make certain that the electrical treadmill you choose is able to grasp your weight in pounds. The device should be in a position to resist day by day walking and/or working, along side the power that a heavier weight affect will placed at the apparatus.


There are a few electrical treadmills which can be built for portability. They have wheels which let you pack it up in case you are dwelling in a small space and need that area for visitors who would possibly come by later. This additionally means that you can pack your electric treadmill right into a closet or up in opposition to a wall and gives the benefit of no longer having the piece of equipment cluttering up your ground area in your home.

The right way to Correctly Use the Electrical Treadmill

All the time apply the instructions that come throughout the box of your electric treadmill. They are there for a reason why. After you have your piece of exercise apparatus house, you should be sure that and read the instructions. They’ll introduce you to options that your new electrical treadmill has, that you simply didn’t learn about. The directions will also teach you about putting in your electric treadmill and easy methods to use it correctly. Any piece of exercise equipment should be used properly because of protection and damage considerations that you don’t want or wish to happen.

Get an Skilled’s Recommendation

Ensure that and get a professional’s recommendation first earlier than purchasing an electric treadmill and sooner than beginning your weight reduction program. They’re professionals for a reason why and could possibly answer many of your questions on the most efficient electrical treadmills on the market these days. When you’ve got a circle of relatives member,friend or neighbor that loves the workout procedure, then get started with them. You may additionally need to call or go to a specialized sporting items retailer and discuss with a gross sales consultant. She or he is there that can assist you acquire an electrical treadmill so we can fit your wishes at home.

Comes With A Protection Lock

Some of the vital issues that you’ll be able to do while buying an electric treadmill for your house, specifically with young children around, is to make sure that it comes with a safety lock. There are lots of electric treadmills available on the market these days, where you’ll be able to safely lock the equipment so that it will now not be utilized by smaller youngsters who are curious to look what this big piece of apparatus does. The security lock will stabilize the gadget and no longer allow any transferring parts which might endanger your babies.

As with all exercise equipment purchase, ensure and do your homework. Key in on issues that you need your electric treadmill to do individually for you. What are a number of the so much vital things that you are in search of? Take into consideration things like cost, safety locks, simulated hills or steps, viewing your middle price or different options that you need your electric treadmill to have. While you start to zone in on what your own body will want for weight reduction good fortune, then shopping for your electric treadmill will turn into more uncomplicated.