I-po Smart Walk Slim Treadmill Intelligent Speed Control Walking Machine Compact Treadmill Portable Under Desk Walking and Jogging Manual Treadmill for Home or Office(Gray)

I-po Treadmill Smart Walk Slim Tread Folding Treadmills for Running Intelligent Speed Control Walking and Running Machine(Gray)

  • 【Intelligent Speed Control 】 The Smart Walk one second to start, the breakthrough invention of "Intelligent Speed Control " technology, the running speed is controlled by the human motion trajectory. You can control the speed as needed without any operation. Restore the state of your outdoor sports, follow your heart move, instead of being controlled by the traditional treadmill fixed speed. The folding treadmill subverts the traditional design , entering the smart sports century.
  • 【Slim Minimalist Design】The slim treadmill won the German Red Dot Design Award, incorporating mobile phone design concepts into sports technology and redefining future standards for treadmill design. With a minimum height of only 1.85 inch, the folding treadmill be stored under the sofa, the bed or on the wall. Small footprint, easy storage, and portable type.
  • 【Double Speed Mode】When the handrail does not rise, the highest speed will be automatically adjusted to 3.73MPH, You can make a quick walk; when you want to jog, just raise the handrail, at this time the highest speed will automatically speed up to 4.97MPH. The two modes meet your different sports needs. 18-inch ultra-wide track is as wide as traditional treadmill where you can enjoy yourself.
  • 【Shock Absorption Running Belt】The walking treadmill adopting aerospace aluminum alloy material, it has better resilience than the traditional steel , fundamentally reducing the collision between the human body and the running belt, so as to achieving the goal of protecting the knee. And Smart Walk is made of new composite material, only 64 pounds, lighter than 200% of the traditional treadmill, and very portable.
  • 【Satisfied Guarantee】We provide you with the best quality products and the most attentive service.If you have any problems with product, please contact with us free.

I-po Treadmill Smart Walk Slim Tread Folding Treadmills for Running Intelligent Speed Control Walking and Running Machine(Gray)

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【IPO Smart Walk won the gold medal in ISPO global design! 】

Here, IPO Smart Walk will meet your needs!!
-Intelligent and slim design will make you love sports.
-So as to balance life and work.
-Let's make life better!


-- Three Steps to Start Up
☞ You only need to walk three steps on the Smart Walk,it will start automatically, without pressing any button.

-- Intelligent Speed Control
☞ Speed up -- Walk/Run on the front part (near plastic cover), speed becomes faster and faster until it reaches the max speed 3MPH (4.97MPH).
☞ Constant Speed -- Walk/Run on the middle part of running belt to maintain the constant speed.
☞ Slow down -- Down in lower belt area near the end.

-- Double Speed Mode
☞When the handrail does not rise, the highest speed will be adjusted to 3.73MPH,
☞When the handrail raise, the highest speed will be up to 4.97MPH.


--Hydraulic Handrail
☞Hydraulic handrail will lift /fold automatically when it is lifted/ folded to a certain height.
--Magnetic Wall Sticker
☞Powerful magnets are in the back foot guard,Smart walk also can be tightly attached to the wall.More Stable and Space Saving
--Pulley Design
☞The bottom of the smart walk has a pulley design ,easy to move.

-- Speed: 0.6-8km/h /0.37-4.97MPH
-- Running Belt Size:47x18inch
-- Product Size: 57 x 26x3.5inch
-- Product Weight: 29kg /63.9 lbs
-- Max User Weight: 100kg /220lbs
-- Screen Display: Time, Steps, Distance
-- Motor:0.5hp


☞In order to protect the Smart Walk and prolong its service life. Every time use 45-60 minutes, We suggest to let the machine have a rest.
☞Please apply lubricant to the running belt before first time using it. If you have any questions about lubricants, please feel free to contact us.

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Buying Guide

You are starting a weight loss program and feature decided to buy an electrical treadmill for your house. Even as the electrical treadmill has been considered one of your favorite machines to exercise on, you still have questions about how they really work. There are undoubtedly treadmill benefits that you’ll be able to find out about by reading this newsletter. You’ll be able to additionally study key things to look for ahead of purchasing your electrical treadmill.

What is an Electrical Treadmill?

An electrical treadmill is a motorized piece of train apparatus that permits you to walk or run to sure tempo settings while permitting you to shed some pounds. They are ceaselessly present in gyms and are available automatic with elementary to complex settings that help you virtually climb hills, simulate steps,view your energy burned, view your heart fee, and so forth. They can frequently be pre-programmed for a newbie to a extra advanced stage workout.


One of many greatest issues to imagine prior to purchasing an electrical treadmill for your house, will probably be the price of the equipment. If you’re a newbie who’s handiest doing a elementary weight loss software, then your electric treadmill must no longer be as pricey as anyone who is an exercise skilled. Once you decide your price range, check out at least five completely different machines inside of your budget, to be able to help you to reach your weight reduction targets.


Every other thing that you are going to wish to have a look at are electrical treadmill opinions. At the same time as there are unquestionably a few brands which are well known in the fitness industry, you’ll want to have a look at how consumers charge and evaluate the electric treadmill that you are contemplating on buying. Look to look if there is a trend of concerns or issues among the critiques, like is it durable or how much weight can the electrical treadmill effectively grasp? Reviews are at all times a super starting source and will assist you successfully go throughout the myriad of electrical treadmills on the market nowadays.


In case you are a heavier or obese individual starting a weight reduction software, then you will need to make sure that the electrical treadmill you select is able to grasp your weight in kilos. The gadget need to be in a position to withstand daily strolling and/or running, in conjunction with the power that a heavier weight have an effect on will placed on the apparatus.


There are a few electrical treadmills that are constructed for portability. They have got wheels which allow you to pack it up if you’re living in a small space and want that area for guests who might come via later. This additionally lets you pack your electric treadmill into a closet or up against a wall and gives the convenience of now not having the piece of apparatus cluttering up your floor space in your house.

Tips on how to Correctly Use the Electrical Treadmill

Always apply the directions that come within the box of your electric treadmill. They are there for a explanation why. Upon getting your piece of train apparatus home, you should be certain that and read the instructions. They’ll introduce you to options that your new electric treadmill has, that you just did not find out about. The directions may even educate you approximately setting up your electrical treadmill and use it properly. Any piece of train apparatus will have to be used correctly because of safety and damage considerations that you don’t want or wish to happen.

Get an Expert’s Recommendation

Make sure that and get knowledgeable’s recommendation first prior to buying an electric treadmill and prior to starting your weight loss application. They are experts for a reason why and might be able to solution many of your questions on the best electric treadmills on the market lately. When you have a family member,loved one or neighbor that loves the exercise process, then start with them. You may also need to call or pass to a specialised sporting items store and talk with a sales representative. He or she is there to help you purchase an electrical treadmill in order to suit your needs at house.

Comes With A Safety Lock

Some of the essential issues that you can do whilst purchasing an electric treadmill for your own home, particularly with small children round, is to make sure that it comes with a security lock. There are many electrical treadmills on the market nowadays, where you can accurately lock the equipment so that it’s going to no longer be used by smaller youngsters who are curious to peer what this massive piece of kit does. The protection lock will stabilize the device and no longer allow any transferring portions which could endanger your young children.

As with all exercise equipment acquire, be certain and do your homework. Key in on things that you want your electric treadmill to do in my view for you. What are a number of the such a lot necessary things that you’re looking for? Take into consideration things like cost, protection locks, simulated hills or steps, viewing your center price or different options that you wish to have your electrical treadmill to have. While you begin to zone in on what your own frame will want for weight loss luck, then buying your electric treadmill will turn into more uncomplicated.