PowerFit Non Motorized Curved Sprinter Treadmill with Resistance Adjuster

PowerFit Equipment Curved Sprint Treadmill | Non Motorized Sprinter with Adjustable Resistance – Accessory Kit and 10” Screen Included

  • ✅ ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUT - A curved treadmill is perfect for allowing you to comfortably sprint with low stress on joints. Try sprinting to have a better workout in a shorter amount of time.
  • ✅ VARIABLE RESISTANCE allows you to run at a top speed, push with all your strength or anything in between like a power walk. High resistance mode feels like sled training except you can push further and no need to turn around the sled.
  • ✅ FULLY FEATURED UNIT: This unit comes with all the top industry features: accessory kit, 10" screen, lateral handles as well as center handles for push/pull exercises. Compare with other top curved treadmills and you will see this one has all the top features included.
  • ✅ ACCESSORY KIT: Use the running harness and resistance bands to further enhance your workout and take your training to the next level.
  • ✅ YOU CAN TRUST US: Based in Georgia and established in 2002 - we are a true fitness supply company and we work primarily with Schools, Universities and Commercial gyms. Reach out anytime via email or phone and we will make sure you have a professional grade experience.

PowerFit Equipment Curved Sprint Treadmill | Non Motorized Sprinter with Adjustable Resistance – Accessory Kit and 10” Screen Included


This curved treadmill is a great investment as you continue to grow your gym. Perfect for any garage gym, home gym, crossfit box, or university.

We have been outfitting gyms, universities and schools for since 2002. Our headquarters is in Dahlonega, GA so feel free to give us a call and stop by if you would like to see, touch and feel equipment before buying.


  • Curved design to match your running stride
  • Adjustable resistance allows for sprinting and strength training
  • Running Slat width: 18.75"
  • Smooth moving rubber slat running belt
  • Functional rear arms with resistance bands and running harness
  • The 10.1" Touch display runs Android Version 4.4, with a Quad-core CPU, 1G of Ram, and an 8G NAND Flash
  • Screen tracks performance but can also run apps or whatever videos

  • 1 Curved Treadmill with side and front handle
  • Screen attached to front handles
  • Accessory kit with running harness, 2 bands and 2 ankle cuffs

  • Assembly required - The main treadmill base comes pre-assembled but the handles and rear accessory bars have to be assembled.
  • Ships on one (1) pallet
  • This will ship freight to you with curb side delivery - I'm sorry but freight companies have many deliveries and they do not allow their drivers to help get treadmill into the house.
  • Amazon offers an assembly services (from Amazon Home Services) if you are interested. This is an extra cost Amazon service and does not involve us.
  • If you are near Dahlonega, GA and want us to perform an in-home delivery. Send us a message so we can discuss those options before you purchase.

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What To Look For When Buying

You might be starting a weight loss program and feature determined to buy an electric treadmill for your house. At the same time as the electric treadmill has been one in all your favourite machines to train on, you still have questions on how they actually work. There are definitely treadmill advantages that you’ll be able to learn about by means of studying this article. You’ll also find out about key things to look for ahead of buying your electric treadmill.

What’s an Electric Treadmill?

An electrical treadmill is a motorized piece of exercise equipment that allows you to walk or run to sure pace settings at the same time as permitting you to shed extra pounds. They’re frequently present in gyms and are available automatic with elementary to complicated settings that assist you to just about climb hills, simulate steps,view your calories burned, view your middle charge, and so on. They may be able to regularly be pre-programmed for a novice to a more advanced level exercise.


One of many largest issues to imagine earlier than purchasing an electrical treadmill for your home, can be the price of the apparatus. In case you are a novice who is simplest doing a fundamental weight loss software, then your electric treadmill must no longer be as dear as any person who’s an exercise knowledgeable. If you resolve your price range, check out at least 5 different machines inside your price range, with the intention to lend a hand you to achieve your weight loss goals.


Any other thing that you are going to wish to take a look at are electrical treadmill opinions. Even as there are indisputably some brands that are well known within the health trade, you’ll want to look at how shoppers charge and review the electric treadmill that you are considering on buying. Look to see if there is a trend of concerns or problems among the many reviews, like is it sturdy or how a lot weight can the electrical treadmill effectively hold? Reviews are all the time a super beginning source and will assist you effectively pass in the course of the myriad of electrical treadmills on the market lately.


If you’re a heavier or overweight particular person starting a weight reduction program, then it is very important ensure that the electric treadmill you select is able to grasp your weight in pounds. The system should be ready to resist day by day walking and/or working, at the side of the force that a heavier weight affect will positioned on the equipment.


There are a few electrical treadmills which are constructed for portability. They’ve wheels which allow you to pack it up if you are living in a small space and want that house for visitors who might come via later. This also means that you can pack your electrical treadmill right into a closet or up towards a wall and provides the benefit of not having the piece of equipment cluttering up your ground area in your house.

How one can Properly Use the Electrical Treadmill

All the time observe the directions that come within the box of your electrical treadmill. They are there for a reason why. After getting your piece of train apparatus home, you must be certain and skim the directions. They may introduce you to features that your new electrical treadmill has, that you didn’t find out about. The instructions may even teach you approximately putting in place your electrical treadmill and the right way to use it properly. Any piece of train equipment must be used correctly as a result of safety and injury issues that you do not want or want to happen.

Get an Skilled’s Recommendation

Make sure and get an expert’s recommendation first earlier than purchasing an electrical treadmill and ahead of starting your weight loss application. They are experts for a reason why and may be able to solution a lot of your questions about the most efficient electrical treadmills on the market lately. If in case you have a circle of relatives member,family member or neighbor that loves the exercise procedure, then get started with them. You might also wish to call or pass to a specialized wearing goods store and talk with a gross sales consultant. She or he is there that will help you purchase an electrical treadmill with a purpose to suit your wishes at home.

Comes With A Safety Lock

Probably the most necessary things that you’ll do whilst buying an electric treadmill for your home, specifically with babies round, is to make certain that it comes with a security lock. There are lots of electrical treadmills on the market as of late, the place you can safely lock the equipment in order that it will no longer be used by smaller youngsters who’re curious to peer what this large piece of kit does. The security lock will stabilize the device and no longer allow any transferring portions which might endanger your small children.

As with every exercise apparatus purchase, make sure and do your homework. Key in on things that you need your electric treadmill to do in my view for you. What are a few of the most essential things that you are looking for? Take into accounts things like value, protection locks, simulated hills or steps, viewing your heart price or other features that you need your electric treadmill to have. While you start to zone in on what your personal body will want for weight reduction success, then buying your electrical treadmill will turn into more straightforward.